The Tortoise credit platform builds upon more than 30 years of experience in fixed income investing.

Tortoise Credit Investments Team

More than 30 years of experience in fixed income investing

29 Senior investment team average years of experience
1984 Fixed income investing since 1984

Global credit economic summary and outlook 1Q 2020

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The highly experienced senior investment team averages 29 years of investment experience

  • Supported by seasoned sector specialists and
    in-house credit analysts
  • Fixed income investing since 1984
  • Team members have managed fixed income assets through multiple economic and financial cycles


Our philosophy has remained consistent since inception

  • The same investment philosophy has produced sound results since the company was founded
  • Our emphasis on liquidity enables us to position portfolios in anticipation of market cycles
  • Our conservative philosophy has shown resiliency in times of market stress


Our top-down, bottom-up, repeatable investment process has been refined over decades of market and economic cycles 

  • Top-down, team-based process sets portfolio parameters and targets relative value and market inefficiencies
  • Portfolio managers develop industry strategy based on top-down economic and business cycle trends and credit analyst assessments
  • Excess return targeted by actively managing the drivers of performance, primarily duration/ yield curve, sector/industry rotation and credit selection, against the benchmark


Long-term performance goal 

  • To produce competitive risk-adjusted returns exceeding the benchmark over multiple market cycles, primarily through security selection and sector/industry rotation
  • Successfully navigated volatile markets, including 2008 and 2014 - 2016

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