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Tortoise Index Solutions Announces Index Updates for Third Quarter 2015

LEAWOOD, Kan.-- September 9, 2015 ()--Tortoise Index Solutions today announced upcoming additions and deletions to its indices as part of their regular quarterly rebalancing for the third quarter of 2015, as follows below. Following the close of trading on Sept. 18, 2015, the indices will be rebalanced and as a result, the following changes will become effective.

Tortoise North American Pipeline IndexSM


Action   Company   Ticker
Addition   Columbia Pipeline Group, Inc.   CPGX
Addition   Cheniere Energy, Inc.   LNG
Removal   Azure Midstream Partners, LP   AZUR

The full constituent list can be viewed at www.tortoiseindexsolutions.com/tnap/constituents.

Tortoise MLP Index®


Action   Company   Ticker
Addition   Green Plains Partners LP   GPP
Addition   CNX Coal Resources LP   CNXC
Removal   Azure Midstream Partners, LP   AZUR
Removal   Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.   CELP

The full constituent list can be viewed at www.tortoiseindexsolutions.com/tmlp/constituents.

Tortoise North American Oil & Gas Producers IndexSM


Action   Company   Ticker
Removal   NuVista Energy Ltd.   NVA CN
Removal   Memorial Production Partners LP   MEMP

There were no additions as a result of the third quarter rebalance. The full constituent list can be viewed at www.tortoiseindexsolutions.com/tnep/constituents.

Additionally, to enhance the representation of their respective universes, the following changes will be made to the methodologies of the Tortoise North American Pipeline IndexSM (TNAP/TNAPT) and Tortoise MLP Index® (TMLP/TMLPT). As of the Sept. 18, 2015 rebalance, the individual constituent cap for TMLP will be reduced from 10% to 7.5%. Additionally, for both TNAP and TMLP, a cap of 15% will be placed on affiliated MLP families.

About Tortoise Index Solutions

Tortoise Index Solutions, LLC provides research-driven indices that can be used as a realistic basis for exchange-traded products and thought leadership in the universe of essential assets. Its indices are intended to fill a void in the market and provide benchmarks and investible asset class universes for use by investment professionals, research analysts and industry executives to analyze relative performance, as well as to provide a basis for passively managed exchange-traded products. Tortoise Index Solutions, LLC is affiliated with Tortoise Capital Advisors, L.L.C., a registered investment manager specializing in actively managed listed energy investing. As of July 31, 2015, Tortoise Capital Advisors had approximately $16.4 billion of assets under management in NYSE-listed mutual and closed-end funds and other accounts. For more information about Tortoise Index Solutions, LLC visit www.tortoiseindexsolutions.com. For more information about Tortoise Capital Advisors, L.L.C., visit www.tortoiseadvisors.com.

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Pam Kearney, Investor and Media Relations