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Tortoise Announces Expected Constituent Change Due to Merger and Acquisition Activity

Tortoise Announces Expected Constituent Change Due to Merger and Acquisition Activity




LEAWOOD, Kan. Aug. 2, 2018 – Tortoise today announced that Williams Partners L.P (WPZ) will be removed from the Tortoise MLP Index® (TMLP), the Tortoise North American Pipeline IndexSM (TNAP) and the Tortoise Real Yield IndexSM (TYLD) upon the completion of the proposed merger with Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) as WPZ will cease trading on the NYSE. The merger is subject to shareholder approval scheduled for Aug. 9, 2018 and is expected to close on Aug. 10, 2018.

About Tortoise

Tortoise invests in assets and services that serve essential needs in society and can also serve essential client needs, such as diversification and income. Tortoise‘s actively researched indices fill a void in the essential asset universe and provide a platform for passively managed exchange-traded products. Through a variety of investment vehicles, Tortoise provides access to a wide range of client solutions, focused on their evolving needs. For more information, please visit www.tortoiseadvisors.com.


About Tortoise MLP Index®

The Tortoise MLP Index is a float-adjusted, capitalization weighted index of energy master limited partnerships (MLPs). The index is comprised of publicly traded companies organized in the form of limited partnerships or limited liability companies engaged in transportation, production, processing and/or storage of energy commodities.


About Tortoise North American Pipeline IndexSM

The Tortoise North American Pipeline Index is a float-adjusted, capitalization weighted index of pipeline companies that are organized and have their principal place of business in the United States or Canada. A pipeline company is defined as a company that either 1) has been assigned a standard industrial classification (“SIC”) system code that indicates the company operates in the energy pipeline industry or 2) has at least 50% of its assets, cash flow or revenue associated with the operation or ownership of energy pipelines. Pipeline companies engage in the business of transporting natural gas, crude oil and refined products, storing, gathering and processing such gas, oil and products and local gas distribution. The index includes pipeline companies structured as corporations, limited liability companies and master limited partnerships (MLPs).


About Tortoise Real Yield IndexSM

The Tortoise Real Yield Index is a new differentiated index that aims to track real asset exposure anchored in current income. It provides an efficient benchmark for real yielding, tax pass-through, liquid companies that distribute substantial cash flow streams to investors by investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnerships) and BDCs (business development companies). The index provides a benchmark of companies with tangible essential assets that are supportive of economic activity with no commodity futures, precious metals, TIPs (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) or foreign currency exposure.


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