Beth C. Digati

Senior Trader – High Yield and Leveraged Loans

Los Angeles, CA


Ms. Beth Digati joined Bradford & Marzec, now part of Tortoise, in 2012. She is responsible for high yield and bank loan trading and covers the day-to-day operations for high yield investments and bank loans, including CLOs. Ms. Digati has more than 40 years of investment industry experience, including trading high yield, equity, government securities and commercial paper, and bank loans. During her 27 years of trading bank loans, she served most recently as senior vice president bank loan trader at Four Corners Macquaire. She has also held positions at ING Capital and Pilgrim Group as a senior vice president/bank loan trader and portfolio trader, respectively. Ms. Digati has a Bachelor of Science in English history from the University of Minnesota.

Beth C. Digati

555 W. 5th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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